#56 How To Cultivate a Growth Mindset, Chat With Richa Maheshwari

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17 min readOct 5, 2021

Richa is a motivational speaker, trainer, and also life coach. Her ultimate goal is to create a world of self-inspired and self-motivated people, so she envisions an ideal world where people have found the light within and no more seek motivational speakers or motivational tools.

She works very closely with the youth, women, and corporate professionals with the goal to help the clients widen their horizons, accept challenges, step beyond their comfort zones, and delve into their challenging zones to unleash their complete potential. Richa also mentors people to move from a limiting mindset to a positive growth mindset.

In this episode, we talk about how to grow your mindset, the power of mind and how to work on yourself.

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Yasi: Richa, welcome to the show.

Richa Maheshwari: Well, thank you, Yasi. Thank you for having me on your show. It’s a privilege and an honor, and thanks for the kind introduction.

Yasi: Yesterday, we had a Fast Track money YouTube live session, and we talked about how to increase salaries.

And one of the key points is really about step out of your comfort zone, you know, do more, explore new tasks, and then grow as a person. And as a result, maybe you get a salary increase, but I think going beyond the conflict zone applies to everything in life to grow as a person. So to start with that, my first question is Start from you, like, how did you discover your passion in this topic and helping people to have a growth mindset?

Is there any like personal experience that impacts you? Or why did you choose to do that?

Richa Maheshwari: Yes, it does have a personal story behind it, and I’d like to, you know, talk about that. So, I belong to, you know, Ranchi, which is in Jharkhand, India. And when we were growing up, we used to have a lot of financial difficulties.

You know, my father, he was into gambling. He was an alcoholic. We always were living in a very stressed out condition financially. And one day when I was, I think around 10, 10 and a half years old, when I was coming back from school to my home, I saw that my father had opened my…



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